The Body Image Revolution

The Body Image Revolution

My teleconference conversation
with event organizer Sandra Kumskov
was a blast.

Stay tuned for more developments!

Comments from listeners:

I enjoyed tonight very much! It was so wonderful to have my own instinctive struggles to find my center validated. I was delighted with what you said about belly dance and what you said about clothing. I make my own because it is so personal to wear what makes me feel good. — Ann

Thank you so much for reinforcing my belief that the drug companies are more interested in our money than in our health. I enjoyed the breathing exercise at the end, it was very calming. — Verna

I came to the conclusion long ago that girdles were not the way to go for me nor were pantyhose or anything tight around the middle. That was so liberating! Yes, I have a belly and I'm glad of it — I look like a Goddess!

Thanks for the fun way of looking at underwear. Enjoyed the relaxation exercises at the end of the program. — Lin

Wahoo! Lisa I'm CELEBRATING! I listened to your talk this afternoon after work, then went off to do my usual line-dancing class. I LOVE to dance! I am very aware of my 'large legs & belly,' & also of others who are so endowed, amid all those eat-what-they-like skinny-binnies.

Well, let me tell you that TONIGHT as I danced I consciously flicked aside my self-consciousness & I lifted my soul & head up high while purely ENJOYING the movements that my body can make! What a difference! I always enjoy dancing (I have belly-danced too!) but tonight with your words of encouragement fresh in my mind I discovered my LOVELY CENTRE! A Goddess indeed. Thank you!!

I also 'set others free' from my (jealous!) judgements of their skinniness! I shared my happiness with the biggest of smiles. Looking forward to embracing more of this freedom & sharing it with others. — A.C.

Hello, I wanted to share something that happened one week before your talk, preparing me for the different perspective you propose we take when considering our bellies:

I was on a day-visit to another city, with a friend and her two sons, one of them a very tall, but very innocent, 14-year-old. He is very caring, and hugging me from behind, he placed his hands on my belly and, out of nowhere, said: "It's great to hug someone and know you'll not come up empty-handed!"

Tell me about surprise and laughter — we had lots of fun talking about our sexy bellies after that! This is just to show that a mind, untainted by standards imposed by the media and the obesity industry, is able to regard as beautiful and desirable something we think cannot be appreciated any longer. Thank you for reinforcing that kind of love! — Karen

It's here.

Here's your chance to add your own oomph to a wave of change that's profound and timely.

Tell me:

What would your life -- and your daughters' and granddaughters' lives --be like if every thought within and around us affirmed the beauty of our bodies, exactly as they are?

What would your life be like if every thought within and around us celebrated our bodies as miracles of energy infusing matter?

What would your life, and this world, be like if you could fully express and apply the creativity, compassion, and wisdom you already embody?

It's time to stop judging our bodies as if they were objects on display in some sort of swimsuit contest. Stop trying to mold them according to some fashionable yet impossible ideal of shape and size. Stop peering into the mirror to measure our personal worth according to the image we see there.

It's time to start living from the inside out. Sensing and claiming and cultivating the life force that propels our pulse. Developing and directing the Source Energy animating our bodies according to conscious intention.

What is this Source Energy pulsing through our bodies, concentrated within our bellies? It's our personal connection to the creative, sustaining, and transforming energy of the universe. What's that? The creative, sustaining, and transforming energy of the universe? Whatever name you give it -- God, Great Spirit, Inner Light, Goddess, the All-That-Is -- know that this energy is your vitality, the grace which grants you life.

You're walking around with a helping of God
inside you.

Which means...?

Here's the body image revolution: Treating ourselves and each other in the knowledge that -- in body, mind, and spirit -- we each are sacred beings.

The Body Image Revolution is also a FREE teleconference taking place July 17-28, involving more than ten accomplished women speaking to issues of body confidence, nutrition, exercise, and more.

I'll be in conversation with event organizer and body image transformation coach Sandy Kumskov on July 27 at 7 pm Eastern Time.

If you can't phone in during the call itself, once you register you'll have access to the call's recording.

Register now, listen, call in, ask me and the other speakers questions, let's talk. Here's to the revolution!


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