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April 1, 2009   Moving Beyond Fear Into Oneness
with David Brown/ Inside Out
January 6, 2009   The Belly Dance Prescription
with Christy Cuellar-Wentz / The Mommy-Muse
Empowering your Journey into Motherhood
May 19, 2008   Sex, Men, Pleasure, Bliss
with Licia Berry / The Goofy Goddess
April 18, 2008   Connecting Heart and Belly-Power
with Licia Berry / The Goofy Goddess
August 20, 2007   Revolution: Women's Self-Respect
with Dr. Lara Honos-Webb / The Sweet Spot
December 14, 2006   Wisdom Talks (part 2)
with Tonya K. Freeman / MOSA Radio Network
"Your Belly as an Energy Center"
including the poem First Blood
September 11, 2006   Wisdom Talks (part 1)
with Tonya K. Freeman / MOSA Radio Network
"Love Your Belly"
August 28, 2006   The Health and Beauty Revolution
with Patty Kovacs / WSRadio.com
Segment 4: Understanding Your Power Center

GREAT show, and as always I leave our conversations feeling there is so much more to talk about! THANK YOU.

Licia Berry
The Goofy Goddess

Thanks for your wonderful gift liberating women from disempowering beliefs. I love your book and your revolutionary zeal!

Lara Honos-Webb, PhD
The Sweet Spot Podcasts

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for joining me as a guest on "Healthy Talk Radio with Deborah Ray." The knowledge you shared was very interesting and informative, and was well received by our audience. The information you discussed regarding The Woman's Belly Book was empowering for our listening audience.

Best regards,
Deborah Ray

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