Tripura Rahasya
The Mystery of the Triune Goddess
(edited excerpt)
O Great Mystery
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I am the intelligence
   that gives birth to the universe
   and in which it abides.

The wise experience Me
   as the true Self within themselves.

All creatures are manifestations
   of Who I am.

You do not know Me
   when your mind is clouded by ignorance.
   That too is my power.

There is no remedy for such ignorance
   other than to worship Me
   as your innermost Self.

Surrender your self to Me
   with joyful, one-pointed devotion,
   and I will help you discover your true being.

Abide in the core of your being —
   you will find Me there.

Abide in Me as I abide in you.
   Know that even now, in this very moment,
   there is absolutely no difference between us.



O Great Mystery,

may I know my
body as kin to
the trees,

rooted in earth
reaching to sky,

generous gift of
wisdom, grace

The Tripura Rahasya is an ancient scripture of India.
Linda Johnsen's translation of the passage from which this excerpt is adapted appears in her article "Rediscovering Tantra," Yoga Journal, Jan/Feb 1996.
1996 Linda Johnsen, adapted and posted with permission


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