Honoring Your Belly: DVD

Honoring Your Belly: DVD

Lisa Sarasohn is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and yoga therapist with more than twenty years' experience teaching therapeutic movement and facilitating mind-body integration.




  • Consult with your health care provider before beginning this or any exercise program to determine its suitability for you—particularly if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes


  • In circle, four women demonstrate the 12-minute sequence of 23 movement and breathing exercises
  • The Rite for Reconsecrating Our Womanhood, as voice-over, narrates the practice
  • Once you've learned the gestures, you can use this segment to guide your own practice
  • Soothing and inspiring instrumental music accompanies the ritual


  • Guidelines for practice
  • Instruction for practicing each movement
  • Easy preparations and alternates for the more challenging moves
  • A replica of an ancient icon, incorporating a symbol of the Sacred Feminine, introduces each gesture and links body to image


  • Centering Meditation
  • Full-Body Relaxation
  • "Naming Ourselves Sacred"
  • "Ritual of Creation"


  • Partial funding from the Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation
  • Scott Dobbins & Shane Peters, A New Light
  • Debra Roberts, Heron Productions
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