Honoring Your Belly: DVD

What benefits do you receive from practicing
Honoring Your Belly?

Patty: The benefits I receive are feeling centered, feeling strengthened, feeling grounded. I feel more energized when I do the ritual. I feel like I can function better, perform better, live better when I'm centered in my belly.

Sue: It's a great way to start a creative process because you get so much energy from it.

Patty: It doesn't take a big amount of time or effort. And it's fun! It's fun to do together, as much as it is to do alone.

What first attracted you to the practice?

Patty: The title, Honoring Your Belly, just really appealed to me. In the past I'd studied yoga in different forms. And before giving birth to my children I studied belly dancing. I always enjoyed that movement from the belly....

TeresaTeresa: I was searching for a fitness program for myself, that I wasn't finding in aerobics or gyms. It was a gentle way, and I felt energized, yet I wasn't exhausted. It felt very natural. I knew I had tapped into something.

What do you especially enjoy about the practice?


I love the whole ritual for the emphasis on breath. It's very powerful — it really is!

Patty: It has a real nice flow to it. And to just go with that flow seems like a beautiful dance, with all the stretching and all the breathing you need.

And if I have to prepare for something where I really need my best energy, to do the movement is a big plus to have under my belt!

Lisa Sarasohn is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and yoga therapist with more than twenty years' experience teaching therapeutic movement and facilitating mind-body integration.

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