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Losing the Weight of Shame
Honoring Your Belly
Turn Stress Into Strength
Sex & the Sacred Girl
The Goddess In Our Midst

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Gypsy Caravan
4050 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

These workshops take place as part of Tribal Quest NorthWest
August 4-7

Friday, August 5 • 10-noon

Learn yoga moves that open your hips and ignite the Source Energy that your belly shelters. Mobilizing your hip joints and activating your body-centered soul-power, your dance will be all the more delicious!

Saturday, August 6 • 4-6 pm
Manifest Your Belly Power

Through time and across the globe, women have developed belly-energizing dances and spiritual practices to cultivate the Source Energy concentrated within our body's center.

Our belly-centered power to promote creation is kin to the Power of Being that creates, sustains, and regenerates the world.

In this workshop you'll ignite your core creative power with dynamic yoga moves, breath, and body awareness. You'll address how you wish to use this power—and in what dimensions and realms. With journal-writing and art-making you'll define your intention.

With gesture and breath you'll learn how to direct your soul-power according to your purpose.

Eat only lightly before the session, come dressed to move, and bring a notebook or journal.

Sunday, August 7 • 12:30-2:30 pm
Discover The Oracle Inside You

The body's center, the belly, is home to our intuitive knowing, our gut instincts.

In this workshop you'll learn dynamic yoga moves and breathing patterns that connect you with the sacred wisdom concentrated in your body's center. As you honor and energize your belly with movement, breath, and compassionate awareness, you'll enliven the soul-knowing your belly shelters.

With journal writing and art-making, you'll address the oracle that dwells within your body's core, equipped to ask for and receive the guidance you seek.

Eat only lightly before the session, come dressed to move, and bring a notebook or journal.

This annual tribal music and dance festival in Portland features four days of workshops, performances, parties, music, bhangra fusion, tribal, yoga, drumming, aromatherapy, sound healing, henna painting and more!

Lisa Sarasohn draws on more than 20 years' experience guiding women to love our bodies and ourselves. Certified as a Kripalu Yoga instructor at the advanced level, she has created the Honoring Your Belly project and The Woman's Belly Book as ways to support women in claiming and cultivating our creative power.






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