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Sunday, June 22
2 - 3:30 pm

Jubilee! Community Church
46 Wall St
Asheville, NC
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Gutsy Women!
This workshop takes place as part of
Time For Our Power:
Women Bringing Change to the World
June 20-22

As women through time and all around the world have known, your body's center contains your core life force. It's the site of your soul power. It's the source of your passion and creativity, courage and confidence, intuition and sense of purpose.

The energy we hold within our body's center is not only procreative, the capacity to bear children. This energy is also pro-creative — the power to promote creation in any dimension we choose. This body-centered soul power is ours to use for personal, community, and global healing.

In this workshop you'll learn a series of power-centering movement and breathing exercises drawn from a dynamic style of yoga. Taking as little as 5 minutes to practice these moves, you'll be developing and directing the Source Energy that sparks your physical and spiritual vitality. You'll have all the more access to your instinctive knowing — your gut feelings. And you'll express yourself all the more freely as the gutsy woman you already are.

Learn and practice this "Gutsy Women's Workout" and watch how your wisdom, creativity, and passion flow out into the world!

Eat only lightly before the workshop and come dressed to move.

Lisa Sarasohn is a yoga therapist, health educator, and bodywork therapist with 25 years' experience in the healing arts. She is certified as a Kripalu Yoga instructor at the advanced level and as a Kripalu Bodywork practitioner.

Lisa's essays and articles on various aspects of bodywork therapy have appeared in journals including Natural Health, Yoga Journal, Radiance, Personal Transformation. She has presented workshops at learning centers including Omega Institute, the Sufi School of Healing, and the Renfrew Center's conference on preventing and treating eating disorders. Her book, The Woman's Belly Book, is receiving international acclaim.



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