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November 6
Renfrew Center

Hungers, Health and Healing
Airport Marriott Hotel
Philadelphia, PA

These events take place as part of the Renfrew conference
on the prevention and
treatment of eating
disorders among women.

Feeding the Soul with Movement,
Breath, Body Awareness

Saturday, Nov 6: 6:45-7:45 am
Movement Session

nergizing body and mind with invigorating yoga moves and dynamic breathing patterns, you'll discover—and nourish—your body's center as the site of your soul-power.

You'll experience how enlivening your belly with movement and breath addresses the hungers that eating disorders can only attempt to satisfy.

Feeding the Hunger for a
Soulful Sense of Self

Saturday, Nov 6: 6:30-8 pm
Poster Presentation, displaying color images and captions illustrating the "Honoring Your Belly" project

As human beings, we hunger for a soulful sense of self in intimate connection with a nurturing universe. But when we try to satisfy such a hunger with food, our bellies become a crucible, the container for our futile struggle.

Through the "Honoring Your Belly" project—with reflection, dialogue, journal-writing, image-making, ritual, and laughter—we deepen our awareness of the body's center as our source of wisdom, guidance, and creative power. We begin to experience our bellies as sacred, not shameful.

As we honor and energize our bellies with movement, breath, and body awareness, we develop the soul qualities—identity, authenticity, confidence, sense of purpose, and kinship with creation—that nourish us deeply. We develop a practice of healing into wholeness.

Lisa Sarasohn draws on more than 20 years' experience guiding women to love our bodies and ourselves. Certified as a Kripalu Yoga teacher at the advanced level, she has created the Honoring Your Belly project and The Woman's Belly Book as ways to support women in claiming and cultivating our creative power.





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