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Fri, Jan 14: 3 pm-5 pm
Sat, Jan 15: 11 am-1 pm
admission free

ABC Carpet & Home
888 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
In association with Eve Ensler's Broadway play,
The Good Body

Friday, January 14, 3 pm-5 pm

Learning To Love Our Bellies,
Finding the Sacred Feminine Within

Contemporary culture shames woman's belly. But in myth, ritual, and sacred image, woman's belly is a goddess. She personifies every woman's power to promote creation.

In this workshop you'll learn dynamic yoga moves and breathing patterns that connect you with the sacred wisdom and power concentrated in your body's center.

As you honor and energize your belly with movement, breath, and compassionate awareness, you'll experience the soul-power your belly shelters. You'll make your own meeting with the sacred Source Energy that dwells within your body's core.

Eat only lightly before the session, come dressed to move, and bring a notebook or journal.

Saturday, January 15, 11 am-1 pm

Owning Your Pro-Creative Power

"Shrink your stomach! Battle belly bulge!" The culture constantly urges us to "attack our abs."

This is nothing new. For thousands of years, Western culture has attempted to control and exploit the pro-creative power concentrated within our body's center. It's no surprise that the belly is the focus of body shame for so many women and girls.

Yet we don't have to cooperate with our own repression. We don't have to agree with the culture's devaluation. The good news is: We can reclaim our body's power to promote creation as our own.

In this workshop you'll learn to develop your pro-creative power with dynamic yoga moves, invigorating breathing exercises, and compassionate body awareness. As you do so, you'll experience your belly as sacred, not shameful. You'll come home to yourself, equipped to direct your pro-creative power according to intention.

Eat only lightly before the session, come dressed to move, and bring a notebook or journal.

Love Your Tree, a workshop space at ABC Carpet & Home, is a place where women and men can amplify their experience of Eve Ensler's new Broadway play The Good Body. The play explores why women of all cultures and backgrounds feel compelled to change the way they look in order to be "good."

The Love Your Tree space features a variety of events and resources to empower and enlighten the way we look at—and value—our bodies.

Lisa Sarasohn draws on more than 20 years' experience guiding women to love our bodies and ourselves. Certified as a Kripalu Yoga instructor at the advanced level, she has created the Honoring Your Belly project and The Woman's Belly Book as ways to support women in claiming and cultivating our creative power.






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