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Losing the Weight of Shame
Honoring Your Belly
Turn Stress Into Strength
Sex & the Sacred Girl
The Goddess In Our Midst

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Saturday, Sept 24
11 am-4 pm
Admission: $7

Unity Center Fletcher
Fanning Bridge Rd
Info: Carol Mason

This workshop take place as part of Goddess Gathering,
a celebration of women's spirituality

The Madonna In My Kitchen

The dark goddess—Kali of India, Isis of Egypt, Virgin of Guadalupe of Mexico, Black Tara of Tibet, the Black Madonna—has long been an image of women's spiritual power.

With poem and story, I'll invite you to consider just where she may live within us.

Lisa Sarasohn draws on more than 20 years' experience guiding women to love our bodies and ourselves. Certified as a Kripalu Yoga instructor at the advanced level, she has created the Honoring Your Belly project and The Woman's Belly Book as ways to support women in claiming and cultivating our creative power.





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