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Thursday, Nov 8
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
$65, includes lunch

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Catawba County Chamber of Commerce
Rock Barn Golf & Spa
3791 Clubhouse Drive
Conover, NC

Women and Power
a presentation at the
Women's Leadership Conference
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Impact:
Plan Passionately, Live Authentically,
Lead Powerfully

Speakers include:

Nancy Adams: "Motivating Your Mind"
Nissan Joseph: "It's a Crazy World"
Lisa Sarasohn: "Women and Power"
Rob Goodwin: "The Human Condition"
Leslie Haskin: "Winning Women"

Lisa Sarasohn shares the good news that our body's center is the source of our life-affirming power. She's author of The Woman's Belly Book (New World Library, 2006).



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