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Monday, December 6
6:30-8 pm, no charge

501 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC
Losing the Weight of Shame:
Developing Body Confidence

For many clients in therapy—and for most women in our culture—the body is the focus of shame and self-loathing. Such contempt is an obstacle to any process of healing.

In this interactive presentation, I'll introduce practical ways to re-experience and re-value the body, creating opportunities to replace shame with body confidence and self-respect. The body, especially the body's center, becomes known as a source of guidance, wisdom, endurance, and purpose.

The simple breathing patterns and playful methods for enriching body awareness that participants learn can be used to address eating and body image disorders, and more generally to expand the sense of self and the capacity for self-affirmation.

This workshop is open to health care professionals, bodywork therapists, and any woman concerned with body shape and size.

Lisa Sarasohn is a health educator, yoga therapist, and author of The Woman's Belly Book. Her articles have been published nationally and internationally, appearing in magazines including Radiance, Personal Transformation, Yoga Journal, and SageWoman.

Lisa has presented workshops at sites including Omega Institute, Journey Into Wholeness, the Sufi School of Healing, and the Renfrew Center's annual conference on treating eating disorders among women.

An honors graduate of Brown University, Lisa is certified as a Kripalu Yoga instructor at the advanced level.






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