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Central Banking in Bethlehem
Belly Wisdom to the Oval Office
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Moving Beyond Domestic Violence
Reclaim Your Childhood
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Central Banking in Bethlehem

Lisa Sarasohn

I always need to rediscover the meaning of Christmas.

Two years ago I learned that Bethlehem means "House of Lahama." Lahama is "She who carries forth the light." That discovery gave new meaning to the words "Christ was born in Bethlehem."

This year I'm thinking about what brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem in the first place: paying taxes. I'm also reading Alan Greenspan's memoir, The Age of Turbulence. As chairman of the Federal Reserve Board for nearly 20 years, until recently he was our nation's central banker.

The deregulation of business and industry that Greenspan supported has allowed greed to flourish. The outcome? Business failures, frauds, foreclosures, disappearing pensions, and unemployment.

As frightening as the failure of our familiar institutions may be, we're right on schedule for profound social and cultural transformation. How can we use this breaking apart to begin building anew?

As they say: If you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. The eggs are breaking. The question is: How do you want your omelet?

To bring about true transformation — not merely reform — we need to infuse our economy with ethics. Where do we find the cultural moral compass that will guide business decisions toward social justice? How do we make generosity rather than greed the motivation for economic activity?

We must also consider: What can we bank on? Whom can we trust?

More than ever, now's the time to develop the knowing that dwells within our body's center. This knowing is the source of our intuition and gut instinct. It's the origin of our sense of kinship with, and responsibility to, our fellow creatures.

Belly-energizing movement and breath helps us amplify and trust our inner guidance. As we move through these turbulent economic times — making our own bumpy journey to Bethlehem to pay our taxes — we can bank on the wisdom concentrated in our body's center. This wisdom, after all, shines with divine light.

Wishing you well,

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Reclaim Your Childhood

Camp R.O.C.

Amy Barth hosts an innovative camp for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Clayton, GA on Feb 5-8, 2009.

Camp R.O.C. — "Reclaiming Our Childhood" — will be a memorable weekend of healing and mutual support with creative expression, experiential learning, and more.

Tuition discounts apply with registration received by Dec 20.


Bringing Belly Wisdom to the Oval Office

Barack ObamaDo you think our health care system needs a makeover?

The Obama-Biden transition team invites YOU to weigh in on the issue.

Visit Change.gov for info about hosting a discussion among family and friends, then relay your ideas to policy-makers before the year ends.

Personally, I'd like to see a focus on health promotion and disease prevention. How can we support each other in making healthy choices about what we eat and how we move our bodies?

I'd also like to see girls learning the Honoring Your Belly moves as a way to respect their bodies and direct their pro-creative power. Could that be one way to reduce the incidence of unintended pregnancies? I suspect so.


Honoring Your Belly DVD

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Moving Beyond Domestic Violence
Gutsy Women! workshops I've been leading Gutsy Women! workshops for women healing the scars of domestic violence.

Does your area's domestic violence agency want to assist women in developing body-mind skills for self-esteem and empowerment?

If so, then contact me. I'll provide a workshop that responds to the agency's intentions and the clients' needs.

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Shopping For Celebration

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