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 A Lifetime of Devotion

Spring 2009  




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A Lifetime of Devotion
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A Lifetime of

Lisa Sarasohn

The Honoring Your Belly practice is my lifeline. Doing it, I feel centered, confident, creative, upbeat.

Yet some mornings, a sly voice in my mind says "You don't need to do it. You don't have time. Do something productive."

Recently, I let three weeks go by without doing the practice. No surprise: I had a big case of the blahs.

One morning, bored with the blahs, I eased myself into Side Stretches, Diagonal Stretches, and on.

Spending no more than ten minutes on the belly-energizing exercises, I immediately felt better: centered, confident, creative, upbeat.

Finishing the sequence, I noticed I was humming a tune. Searching my memory, I came up with the lyrics:

“If you feel like giving me a lifetime of devotion, I second that emotion.”

What's more important than tending to the soul-power sheltered in my body's center?

The voice singing out from my center of being serenades me with the truth.

Now, with a grin, I move into my practice singing out "This is dedicated to the one I love."

Wishing you well,

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Ancient Connections...

...offer us a modern survival skill.

Since the publication of The Woman's Belly Book, I've been studying aspects of Egyptian temple science and Chinese practices in internal alchemy.

I love how these ancient traditions affirm the power-centering practice that developed, largely intuitively, from my experience of yoga.

Let's look into an Egyptian connection.

As seen in the Rite for Reconsecrating Our Womanhood, the 17th gesture animates the five-pointed star. As we enact this gesture, Rise into Standing, we embody a new degree of freedom.

Here's the image of Hathor that illustrates this gesture.

Five-pointed stars spangle the belly
and flanks of this image of Hathor.
Thebes, Egypt. c. 1000 BCE

In Egyptian tradition, Hathor is the "Great One of Many Names," a goddess active in every aspect of life and death.

All the Honoring Your Belly movement and breathing exercises prepare for and culminate in Alignment. This gesture activates the "hara line," the column of energy connecting universal spirit, your soul purpose, your belly center, and the earth's center.


The energy of Hathor and meditation on the hara line are important elements in the work of acclaimed sound healer Tom Kenyon.

He suggests — and I agree — that cultivating our connection with heaven and earth through the body's central channel enables us to prosper amid the profound natural and cultural changes likely to occur in the days to come.

The Honoring Your Belly sequence empowers our alignment with heaven and earth. It's a practice with ancient connections — and modern application as a core survival skill.

New Email Address

I'm saying "bye-bye" to Earthlink. If your address book lists:


please change those addresses to:


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Memorial Poems

Memorial PoemsI'm pleased to announce my newest service — crafting Memorial Poems to honor loved ones who have passed.

For examples of poems, client comments, and details about the co-creative process, see lisasarasohn.com/memorialpoems

How do Memorial Poems relate to celebrating the belly and its power?

Our ancestors knew the earth's center, and woman's center, as both womb and tomb. New life emerges from the center. When it's spent, life returns to the source in preparation for rebirth.

As seen in the Rite for Reconsecrating Our Womanhood, the power-centering gestures enact the belly's capacity to give forth, receive, and return life.

Circular Squat, for example, replicates the ancient icon of the birth-giver.

Releasing to Ground animates the hook, the spiral's first turning, carved into ancient grave markers.

Squat to Full Standing animates the lily, symbol of regeneration.

Memorial Poems honor both the living and the dead, offering both completion and continuity in the cycling of life.


Honoring Your Belly DVD

Honoring Your Belly: DVD

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Laura Frisbie • Beat Depression Naturally
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Belly Laughs

She who laughs...lasts!My next adventure is a film that folds The Woman's Belly Book into story form. Fun!

One of the film's highlights: a benefit comedy show for the local rape crisis center.

Do you have some favorite jokes on the theme of women's power, sexual or otherwise? If so, send 'em on.

The jokes I've gathered so far are mildly to moderately male-bashing. Let's see if we can get some cruelty-free laughs going!

Articles & Interviews
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Issue 44 of The Beltane Papers honors Baubo, belly goddess, plus modern Mistresses of Mirth — and includes my essay on Archaic Knowing.

Ever wonder about that hip-hopping Easter bunny delivering eggs?
My poem Eostre: Celebrating Easter appeared in the April issue of Goddess Gift e-zine.

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