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 Vote '08: The Body Politic

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Vote '08: The Body Politic
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Vote '08:
The Body Politic

Lisa Sarasohn

I recently heard a news commentator describe a small amount of money as "not enough to pay for Hillary's electrolysis."

None of his colleagues at the roundtable objected.

Choosing our next President is too important to leave to either racist or sexist slurs. Yet the media seem to make degrading references to Hillary Rodham Clinton and her body as if it's business-as-usual.

As award-winning author and political analyst Robin Morgan has recently written, "This is not 'Clinton hating,' not 'Hillary hating.' This is sociopathic woman-hating."

Whatever the outcome of this election season may be, we have the historic opportunity to go beyond racial and gender bigotry in choosing our nation's leader. May we use it wisely.

Wishing you well,

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Reader Feedback: Stunning!

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Last summer's Belly Bulletin featured a book on belly-mind implications for physical and mental health.

A woman told me:

"I bought Gut and Psychology Syndrome for a friend whose four-year-old had been diagnosed with autism. He wasn't speaking.

"Then, after being on the diet the book recommends for less than a month, he started speaking in complete sentences and making marked improvements in other areas. That book made such a huge difference in their lives."

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Belly BarsBelly Bars are on-the-go snacks for women before, during, and after pregnancy. They're packed with key nutrients every woman needs. Flavors include Baby Needs Chocolate, Crunchy Nuts & Berries, and Deep Chocolate Orange.

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Belly Bars

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Rite for Invoking the Sacred FeminineApril 7 • Cullowhee, NC
Body Image/Body Confidence
The Century Project

June 22 • Asheville, NC
Gutsy Women!
Time for Our Power

Time for Our Power (June 20-22) is a conference for women throughout the southeast...and beyond. Keynote speakers include Jane Fonda, Starhawk, and Julia Butterfly Hill. Workshops take place at venues throughout Asheville's downtown.

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The Century Project:
       Healing Bodies and Souls

Bodies & SoulsBodies and Souls is a series of stunning nude portraits of women combined with their personal statements.

Presented as a book as well as a traveling exhibit (plus a selection of photos online), the images bring forth what photographer Frank Cordelle calls The Century Project.

Cordelle photographs women of many sizes, shapes, and ages — from newborn to nearly 100 years old.

Celebrating women and our bodies as subjects, not objects, The Century Project is on view April 7-9 at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. Admission is free.

Bodies and Souls

Learn The Moves
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"I am LOVING doing the Honoring Your Belly 'workout'! It is enriching my personal growth and healing work in a deep and wonderful way. The DVD has been extremely helpful, and it's a great companion to the book."
— L.B., Atlanta
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Homage To Our Hips

Nancy Vala"The world moves on a woman's hips" is an African saying, also lyrics in a Talking Heads song.

Virginia artist Nancy Vala blends the words into a fine design adorning t-shirts. note cards, and more!

For added affirmation, listen to Lucille Clifton read her classic and sassy poem, Homage to My Hips.


Shopping For Celebration

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