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 The Core of the Mystery: Hunger

Autumn 2008  




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The Core of the Mystery
Honoring Your Belly DVD: Updated!
The Woman's Belly Book Goes to China
Moving Beyond Domestic Violence
Belly-Power in Woman's Day
Health At Every Size
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The Core of the Mystery

Lisa Sarasohn

How do you experience hunger? Where do you feel it in your body? How do you know when your hunger has been satisfied?

These questions invite mind's compassion for body. For me, hunger has a texture and a sound. I feel an ache in my body's center, sometimes a clutching sensation, often a gurgle or a growl.

As poet Mary Oliver names your physical form, the "soft animal of your body" sends hunger as a signal of your need: for food, energy, sustenance.

Your soul sends hunger signals as well: desire, discontent, longing.

How do you experience longing? Where do you feel desire in your body? What contentment is your soul seeking?

Home to your capacity for digestion, your belly processes your hunger for food. Your body's center may play a pivotal role in tending to your soul hungers as well...

More on hunger

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Health At Every Size

Health At Every Size: Linda BaconIn this ground-breaking book, nutritionist Linda Bacon reveals the surprising truth about your weight.

She shows you how to boost your health and self-esteem, no matter what your body size may be.

Treat yourself to this sane and friendly guide, scientifically proven to help you make peace with your body, improve your health, and nourish all of who you are.

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More Talking On Air

David BrownDavid Brown, host of INSIDE OUT on Los Angeles' latalkradio, has identified 24 women (including yours truly) whose work is changing the world.

David's interviews with each of us air the end of September.

See my blog for links to the amazing women taking part in this venture plus broadcast dates as they're scheduled.

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The Woman's Belly Book Goes to China

The Woman's Belly Book: Chinese language editionChina Women Publishing House is distributing the Chinese-language edition of The Woman's Belly Book. Women all across the globe are reclaiming our belly-power!

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Moving Beyond Domestic Violence
Gutsy Women! workshops I've been leading Gutsy Women! workshops for women healing the scars of domestic violence.

Does your area's domestic violence agency want to assist women in developing body-mind skills for self-esteem and empowerment?

If so, then contact me. I'll provide a workshop that responds to the agency's intentions and the clients' needs.

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Belly-Power in Woman's Day

Woman's Day20 One-Minute Ways to Beat Stress, Denise Schipani's article in the Sept 1 issue of Woman's Day, features a belly-powered stress-buster adapted from page 150 of The Woman's Belly Book.

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Shopping For Celebration

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