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 Minerals, Magnetism & A Mighty Midriff

Summer 2007  



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Minerals, Magnetism, Midriff
Panty Palooza Prize!
Claiming Grace
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DVD For Your Core Energy
An Ounce Of Prevention...
Gut Psychology
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Minerals, Magnetism, Midriff

Lisa Sarasohn

Something remarkable happens when I'm at the natural foods store, standing in front of the bin of Celtic Sea Salt.

It's like a crowd of long-lost relations has gathered on the ocean shore as I'm rowing toward them in my wooden boat. They're smiling broadly, hopping up and down, sending up flares that make the air above them sparkle.

And every cell of my body is waving madly back at them, shedding the weariness of separation, lit up with homecoming.

Okay, that's a lot of drama for standing in the aisle at the grocery store. But what do I make of this sense of coming home?


Wishing you well,


The Woman's Belly BookOrder the book through amazon.com & other bookstores.
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August 26 • Lenox, MA
Claiming Grace:
Yoga in the Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders

November 8 • Conover, NC
Women & Power
Women's Leadership Conference

An Ounce Of Prevention...

Full Mouse, Empty Mouse...is worth its weight in gold. Check out Full Mouse, Empty Mouse, a book for children ages 7 to 12.

Author Dina Zeckhausen, a specialist in the field of eating disorders, has crafted a lovely tale that helps youngsters listen to the body's wisdom for feeding both emotional and physical hungers.

Gut Psychology
Gut and Psychology Syndrome

In Gut and Psychology Syndrome, British neurologist and nutritionist Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD reveals the connection between the gut flora — the microorganisms in the digestive tract — and the brain.

Campbell-McBride illuminates the gut's vital role in supporting the full range of our mental and physical health. Her findings relate to both children and adults.

Read an excerpt


Panty Palooza Prize!

Vulva VoicingsVulva Voicings — the undies I entered in Panty Palooza, the fundraiser for Pittsburgh's Planned Parenthood Action Fund — won second place in the Wearables category.

The event organizers featured politically-savvy panties "to raise awareness that sexuality and reproductive health care are intimate issues" that have been politicized in ways that undermine women's well-being. The Action Fund raised more than $15,000 to support women's health.


Claiming Grace: Training for Yoga Teachers

As eating disorders afflict millions of women (and men) of all ages, treatment programs are turning to mind-body approaches to support the healing process.

Yoga — and the power-centering practice that The Woman's Belly Book features as The Gutsy Women's Workout — are valuable resources for both treatment and prevention of eating disorders.

I'm teaming with eating disorders specialist and yoga therapist Deborah Klinger, MA, LMFT, to assist yoga teachers, treatment facilities, and prevention programs provide yoga in ways that address their clients' particular needs. The intention is to offer a practice that helps clients move beyond the body-mind conflict that eating disorders express to claim the grace — the healing power — that's available through the body's wisdom.

To book our workshops and presentations, please contact me at lisa@lisasarasohn.com

DVD For Your Core Energy
Honoring Your Belly: DVD

Learn and practice the power-centering moves!

The updated 45-minute "Honoring Your Belly" DVD is region-free, meaning it plays virtually anywhere in the world.

$29.95 plus shipping
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"I am LOVING doing the Honoring Your Belly 'workout'! It is enriching my personal growth and healing work in a deep and wonderful way. The DVD has been extremely helpful, and it's a great companion to the book."
— L.B., Atlanta
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Shopping As Celebration

VoluptuArt presents art, jewelry, greeting cards, posters, soaps, and lotions to celebrate your body and tickle your fancy.

One of my favorite sections, of course, is Bellies. And one of my favorite offerings there is Deb Berrow's palm-sized sculpture named Belly Wisdom.


Model and actress Chenese Lewis is the official spokesperson for the Love Your Body! Project, which raises money for size-positive organizations. Here she models the project's stylish Love Your Body wristbands.

  Chenese Lewis
More Shopping As Celebration

These three designs are available on scoop neck and V-neck t-shirts in women's plus sizes as well as in other styles and sizes. See the selection at these online shops at CafePress.com:

O Great MysteryBody Earth, Planet Home
O Great MysteryBody Earth • Planet Home

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