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Autumn 2007  



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Making Peace With Body & Mind
Woman's Belly Book Slides Into 2nd
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Claiming Grace: Update

Activate Your Core Energy
Featured Film: The Heart of the Game
Revolution: Women's Self-Respect
How To Be A Bodacious...
Last Of The Belly Belts

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Making Peace With Body & Mind

Lisa Sarasohn

Our bellies serve as the generating station for the vitality that makes us alive.

When we activate our body's center with movement and breath, we power up the life force flowing through us.

In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, prana is the word for this life energy. In Japanese and Chinese, ki and chi have similar meanings.

When mind and body are in conflict, the stage is set for disease and distress. Can prana enter the scene and declare a truce?

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The Woman's Belly BookOrder the book through amazon.com & other bookstores.
336 pages; $15.95, discounts available

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Featured Film:
       The Heart of the Game

Here's the true story of a gutsy high school girls' basketball team — their trials and triumphs on and off the court.

This jewel of a movie (available on DVD) shows what can happen when women unleash our core energy, our physical and spiritual power. And it reveals how men and women can relate in a way that uplifts everyone.


       Women's Self-Respect

...is the theme of my recent conversation with Dr. Lara Honos-Webb. Hear the podcast on the web, or download it direct as an mp3.

How To Be A Bodacious...

...bride! An article on body confidence for brides, including pointers from yours truly, is set to run in 40 newspapers in Massachusetts in early September.

I'll post a link to excerpts in the next Belly Bulletin.

The Woman's Belly Book Slides Into 2nd
The second printing, that is, thanks to readers worldwide!

Want to write a review? It's easy — just go to amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com and post your comments.

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Upcoming Events

Rite for Invoking the Sacred FeminineOct 14 • Winston-Salem, NC
Satisfying Hunger:
The Secret Your Body Wants To Tell You

Oct 26 • Winston-Salem, NC
Rite for Invoking the Sacred Feminine
in performance at the Love Your Body Show

November 8 • Conover, NC
Women & Power
Women's Leadership Conference

Claiming Grace: Update

Eating disorders specialist Deborah Klinger and I recently led a workshop for yoga teachers on yoga in the prevention and treatment of disordered eating. They loved it!

One participant said, "This workshop was wonderful, engaging, and heartfelt. Lisa and Deborah are skilled at creating safe and sacred space. The content was so very pertinent and practical. I will be taking this info into my own community."

To book our workshops and presentations, please contact me at lisa@lisasarasohn.com

Activate Your Core Energy
Honoring Your Belly: DVD

Learn and practice the power-centering moves with this updated 45-minute DVD.

$29.95 plus shipping
Order online

"I am LOVING doing the Honoring Your Belly 'workout'! It is enriching my personal growth and healing work in a deep and wonderful way. The DVD has been extremely helpful, and it's a great companion to the book."
— L.B., Atlanta
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Last Of The Belly Belts

Belly BeltCelebrate your belly as your body's sacred center, the site of your soul power.

Now the last of the decorative Belly Belts I've made is for sale.

Instructions and patterns for making your own appear in Ronni Lundy's book, Crafts for the Spirit.


More Shopping For Celebration

These three designs are available on scoop neck and V-neck t-shirts in women's plus sizes as well as in other styles and sizes. See the selection at these online shops at CafePress.com:

O Great MysteryBody Earth, Planet Home
O Great MysteryBody Earth • Planet Home

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