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  Women & Power: Giving Birth in Bethlehem

Winter 2006  

Teacher Training

Are you inspired to teach the transformational movement, breathing, and awareness exercises outlined in The Woman's Belly Book to others?

The best way to begin is by launching a year's personal practice of The Gutsy Women's Workout or — even better — the longer Honoring Your Belly form.

If you're interested in teacher training, check out the details and email me at

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Toward Bethlehem

Lisa Sarasohn

Christmas is one time when a woman's big belly gets good press. We hail Mary, the pregnant virgin, the woman who's pregnant with the Divine Child.

The image of Mary with her big belly is a sign of women's power. And the sign points straight toward Bethlehem.

Just what and where is Bethlehem? You may be surprised. I invite you to share my discovery.

Mary Christmas!

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Toward Bethlehem
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August 26 • Lenox, MA
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Poetry On Air

I recently spoke at length about honoring our belllies with Dr. Tonya Freeman on Wisdom Talks radio. Our conversation — now available online — includes swapping poems; you'll hear my rendition of First Blood!


Learn the Moves—Get the DVD!

Honoring Your Belly: DVDThe updated 45-minute "Honoring Your Belly" DVD teaches you how to do the power-centering moves.

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Spiritual Activism

The recent conference at the Omega Institute — Enlightened Power: How Women Are Changing the Way We Live — was magnificent.

Marianne Williamson closed with a rousing talk on spiritual activism. In the course of her comments, I believe she said something like "seek power not in the body but in the spirit."

As you might imagine, that started me humming...

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