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Summer 2006  

The August issue of Oprah highlights an excerpt from The Woman's Belly Book on the shape of beauty. See the "nugget" on page 76...
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The Woman's Belly Book

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How to begin...

Lisa Sarasohn

How do you begin changing the way you feel about your belly?

Begin by shifting your perception. Rather than criticizing how your belly looks, attend to your "gut feelings." What are they telling you?

Consider what you value most. Is it good health, great sex, creativity, confidence, fulfilling relationships, a steady sense of purpose?

Your belly contains the soul power that calls these blessings into being.

If that's the power your belly contains, is there any point in agonizing over the shape and size of the container?

Bright blessings,

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Belly Good News

Women's bellies are now high style. According to The New York Times, maternity wear is now "so chic even the nonpregnant have been known to covet it." Click here for "Showing? It's Time To Show Off."

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Featured Artist: Tamar Stone Exposes Girdles

(c) 2006 Tamar StoneTamar Stone's medium is corsets and girdles. In one piece, she shows women posed in girdle ads as paper dolls. The text, taken from the ads, promises to "whittle you down." Click on the picture for a larger image.

The Woman's Belly Book exposes girdles as instruments of social control—see page 47. For more, read The Goddess Ungirdled: How I learned to love my belly...

More of Tamar's art

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Publishers Weekly calls The Woman's Belly Book "liberating."

Another reviewer says it "shows women how to open their eyes to their bodies' true and natural beauty. A must-read for any woman who is sick of the emotional yo-yo of self-criticism."

Still another writes: "I got a lot of laughs--it is so friendly and reassuring. As a woman who has sucked in her gut since I was old enough to remember, this book has been a wonderful blessing and...phew!...a relief."

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August 21 ... Asheville, NC
"Transformation: Get Some!" at the Women Inspiring Women luncheon

October 13-15 ... Rhinebeck, NY
"Gutsy Women!" at Omega Institute's conference on Enlightened Power

November 9-12 ... Philadelphia PA
"The Journey Home" at the Renfrew Center's conference on Eating Disorders


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