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New Book Offers Empowering Approach To Developing Body Confidence

One out of two American women are on a weight-loss regime and four out of five girls start a diet by the age of ten. Why? Typically because they are trying to "trim the tummy." In a woman's war against her body, her belly is often the focus of her shame and self-hatred.

The Woman's Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure (New World Library, May 2006) offers a new and refreshing perspective on just how important women's bellies truly are. Author Lisa Sarasohn asserts—and as bellydance, Pilates, and yoga enthusiasts can agree—the body's center is a powerhouse. "A woman's belly is anything but shameful," she writes. "It's the site of her soul-power."

With a friendly and light-hearted approach, The Woman's Belly Book reveals practical, pleasurable ways women can reclaim the body's center as the source of their vitality. They'll discover it's their best friend for boosting creativity, enhancing intuition, releasing stress, relieving insomnia, and a host of other benefits.

Drawing on her expertise as a yoga instructor and bodywork therapist, Sarasohn offers a rich array of playful yet provocative activities designed to develop and direct the creative power concentrated in the body's center. They range from writing prompts to art making to a sequence of belly-energizing moves called "The Gutsy Women's Workout."

The Woman's Belly Book includes the voices of women who have successfully practiced its belly-energizing program. As one woman says, "Honoring this very feminine center gives me a new sense of myself and my worth as a woman, my power." Another adds, "My entire being is filled with a beauty sensed both inside and out."

Such is the self-respect women can enjoy when they activate the abundant life force dwelling within their bellies. For those who are gutsy enough to consider its message, The Woman's Belly Book offers wise and helpful tools for peeling away layers of negativity and finding the treasure that's already inside: the energy, confidence, and pleasure they've always desired but didn't know where to find.

About the Author
Lisa Sarasohn is a seasoned Kripalu yoga teacher and bodywork therapist. Certified as an instructor in 1979, she served on staff at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, Massachusetts from 1981 to 1988. Her articles on the body's center, yoga, and health have appeared in such publications as Yoga Journal, SageWoman, Radiance, and Personal Transformation. A graduate of Brown University and an award-winning essayist, poet, and public speaker, she presents keynote speeches and interactive programs for educational organizations, women's centers, and churches. Her website is www.loveyourbelly.com.

The Woman's Belly Book by Lisa Sarasohn
May 2006 • Health & Fitness • Trade Paper • 336 pages
Price: $15.95 • ISBN 1-57731-537-5

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