from chapter 1:
Core Principles, Core Practices

Core Practices

Giving Yourself Room to Breathe

Locating Your Center

Centering the Breath

Naming Your Feelings

Setting Your Intention


Core Principles

  1. The best changes occur in our lives when we're nourishing and celebrating who we already are, when we're giving ourselves room to be and opportunities to flourish.

  2. We connect with Source Energy — our soul power, our power to promote creation — through our body's center.

  3. Breathing deeply, allowing the belly to move with the breath, activates our pro-creative power and builds our well-being in body and mind.

  4. As we deepen our compassionate awareness into our bellies, we increase our receptivity to our gut feelings — the images, sensations, and intuitions arising in our body’s center.

  5. As we set — and apply our gut determination to — our intentions, we participate in creating our world.
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