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Are you inspired to teach the transformational movement, breathing, and awareness exercises outlined in The Woman's Belly Book to others?

With sufficient enrollment, teacher training will likely take place as a weekend retreat scheduled once per month for six months, with personal study and research projects in between. The cost will be on a par with similar training programs in yoga and the healing arts.

Two prerequisites for entering teacher training are

  • sustaining a year's personal practice of The Gutsy Women's Workout or — even better — the longer Honoring Your Belly form
  • attending or even sponsoring at least one of my day-long workshops

The application process will include a letter reflecting on your personal experience with the practice and your intentions for sharing it with others. Preference will be given to women with training and/or certification in yoga and other movement arts.

The best way to begin is to work with the exercises and activities in The Woman's Belly Book. Create a regular practice for yourself as suggested in the book. Then move on to practicing the longer form, the Honoring Your Belly practice, as presented on the instructional Honoring Your Belly DVD.

I. Intentions

To equip you to teach The Gutsy Women's Workout safely and professionally.

To prepare you to teach The Gutsy Women's Workout in a way that delights and empowers you and your students.

To provide opportunities for you to develop The Gutsy Women's Workout further, according to your interests.

II. Method

Experiential learning, journal-writing, independent research, group study

III. Elements

  • Detailed instruction in the movement, breathing, and body awareness components of the program
  • Modifying the program for various health conditions
  • Creating a safe, friendly environment for learning
  • Leading empowering experiences of experiential learning
  • Planning and structuring a class
  • Ethical considerations
  • Individual consultations
  • Practice teaching
  • Program assisting
  • Supervised class and/or workshop production from marketing to presentation and evaluation

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