participants' comments
(from workshop evaluations)

On Lisa's teaching...

  • Lisa, your warmth and presence create a wonderful, easy atmosphere of trust and comfort.

  • Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for what you have made possible for women to experience.

  • I went to Lisa feeling disengaged from my spirit. I emerged feeling reconnected, with the knowledge that this could endure. Lisa re-introduced me to my center and helped the changes begin, aiding my return to wholeness.

  • Lisa is a patient, kind, clear, and profound teacher. She has an immensely loving heart; I highly recommend her.

  • I loved: The simplicity and completeness of the ritual, Lisa's openness and preparedness in presentation, the feeling of safety in the space.

  • What I liked best was Lisa's energy and love for what she does and how she offers her self to us freely.

  • I loved the balance you kept, Lisa, between structure and content, color and form. You created a flow that allowed freedom of the eternal present to be welcomed.

  • Lisa, thank you for the joy and passion in your soul which moves you to share this powerful practice with others. May your teaching touch and change many, many lives. May you be blessed with peace and the Grace of our Mother.

  • Lisa—I enjoyed being in your presence. I understand that you don't wish to be an authority figure, but you are a great example. I need inspiration and encouragement. You have given me both of those. I'll be doing this practice to develop the serenity and joy that I see in you.

  • What I liked best was the positive, nurturing, safe environment. Also, all the tremendous amount of love we all shared. I've learned to honor and love myself. I'll have to keep reminding myself to live in this awareness, but the seed is planted.

What's the most useful thing you've learned?

  • Where my belly is (!) and how to start making a connection to it on a regular basis.

  • A way to finally become able to get connected to my real power anytime I want to, rather than feel a little glimpse of it once every few years then lose it and not know how to find it again.

  • I learned how to empower myself.

  • Allowing myself to open and listen to my belly.

  • I have a powerful, gutsy belly that will lead me if I will stay connected to her.

  • The benefits of being in touch with my belly are deeper than I ever imagined.

  • To talk and listen to my belly, my inner wisdom—not my worried head!

  • To listen better to my belly. And to experience consciousness in my belly.

  • That my belly and I are in great need of each other or we may shrivel into non-being. If she hadn't been rumbling I wouldn't have come!

  • I get the feeling for the feminine energy and how powerful it is, appreciating the easy access to this energy in a movement style I very much enjoy.

  • I liked experiencing a new concept in exercise and meditation, trying a method that integrated the visual story with the body. This program is even more adapted than yoga to where I am in my daily life.

  • It's great to be a woman!

How has honoring your belly made an impact in your life?

  • The concept of honoring this very feminine center gives me a new sense of myself and my worth as a woman, my power.

  • It has given me a tool to center and have the inner courage to proceed on my journey, to become the beautiful flower I am.

  • It gives me the key that will allow me to rise out of my usual lethargic state.

  • Encourages me to do the things that feel right for me, and not think so much about what others think about me.

  • I'm excited to finally be accepting of my beautiful roundness, my perfection and the perfection of everything that exists. This feels like something new and yet very, very old.

  • I've been wanting another piece in my life, something to reconnect me to my center. The movement, the Haa! breath all feel so right. I know that adding this to my daily life right now is what I need to do.

  • I feel more alive, clear, and centered. I have ways to take this into my life.

  • I will live my dreams again and again as I come from the center. With a stronger connection I won't get lost!

  • It has given me new self-appreciation and greatly-needed motivation to get some movement into my life. It has created a focus for me into which to direct my spiritual work.

  • I can feel the physical changes. I am in conversation with my inner core, my belly. I have a powerfully sweet tool to more healing

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