Gutsy Women!
a workshop taking place as part of
Enlightened Power:
How Women Are Changing the Way We Live

Omega Institute • Rhinebeck, NY
October 2006

Participants' Comments
What does being "gutsy" mean?

Participants' Comments

I've truly connected with my center and my spirit. I feel like a switch was flicked on and I am not sure I can turn it off. Or if I would even want to. Thank you.

I have not been able to smile much lately. But in this workshop I could not keep the smiles from my face. My soul is rejoicing.

This workshop was truly amazing. I decided to take it because I wanted to honor my gut feeling. I feel very centered and satisfied inside. This is something that I hope to carry with me forever. Thank you so much.

The workshop was integrating and really good.

Very well done — integrating, non-threatening.

Excellent course to empower the self. Thank you. The workshop was very gently and well led. Wow, wow, wow — I love everyone and myself and have power to shower everyone with blessings of love and compassion!

Perfect! Just what I've needed. I feel good.

Amazing. I felt the energy, confidence, and peace I'd been needing for an extraordinarily long time. I hope to take what I've learned today and utilize it in my crazy, chaotic life. Thanks!

I'm a firm believer at this point. Amazing! Keep it up.

It is great, it brought forth a lot of energy in everybody.

Very fun and relaxing and peaceful! I had an 18-hour train ride yesterday so the movement was great.

I've been so stressed and tight, developed back problems, taking meds for the pain. But I'm sensing that doing these exercises every day will heal this and bring forth many other blessings with power (for myself, with benefits flowing through to others). Blessings, and thank you!

Fabulous! Taking only 5-minutes, this exercise fits into any hectic day. I feel a whole lot less tense. Thanks!

Terrific. Thank you!

Thank you! A wonderful, warm workshop!

Our bellies, resonating with the center of the universe, are the holy place of peace.

Lisa was a perfect model for being a centered woman. Wonderful experience!

Thank you for offering something more than Life Coach Powerpoint trainings from a spiritually centered woman who is not on a board or a consultant for a corporation. This class was wonderful! I hope Lisa teaches at Omega again.


What does being "gutsy" mean?






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