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Thursday, February 24
9 am-noon, $25

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Ridgeview Institute

Ridgeview Institute
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Discovering the Source of Your Soul-Power

An event celebrating Listen to Your Body Week
sponsored by Eating Disorders Information Network

"Shrink your stomach! Battle belly bulge!" Our culture constantly urges us to "attack our abs." It's no surprise that the belly is the focus of body shame for women and girls. Yet the body's center, the belly, is our center of being—the site of our soul-power.

In this workshop you'll learn how to energize your body's center with dynamic yoga moves, invigorating breathing exercises, and playful body awareness activities.

As you do so, you'll experience your belly as sacred, not shameful. You'll begin to befriend your belly as your source for healing, creativity, intuition, confidence, and self-esteem.

This workshop is for all women who want to boost their body confidence as well as for eating disorders professionals, health care providers, yoga teachers, and bodywork therapists.

Eat a light breakfast, come dressed to move, and bring a blanket for floor stretches.

Lisa Sarasohn draws on more than 20 years' experience guiding women to love our bodies and ourselves. Certified as a Kripalu Yoga instructor at the advanced level, she has created the Honoring Your Belly project and The Woman's Belly Book as ways to support women in claiming and cultivating our creative power.






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